How It All Began

Wasn’t sure how I should begin, then I saw a quote that said ‘Tell me a story that I could take to my grave, one you haven’t told’… This is my story.


A Quiet Storm Between What Was & What Was To Come

All relationships were tricky in this day and age. You could never tell what the other person was thinking, you never knew where the person was twenty-four hours of the day, and most importantly, you never knew who they were with. I have a friend who was hurt by a guy countless times from this…

Fairy Wingman?

January 25, 2017   It was the first BIG party after the Big party. All the Elites of Manhattan and beyond came to applaud their lower level workers for persevering the entire boating season. Dukes of Boston, Sires from New Jersey, Queens of Washington and Chicago all found themselves crowded annually on a humongous yacht…

Marching June

Awhile back I promise Guest Speaker Fridays- I am here to deliver! Take a gander into Ms. Feurtado’s mind, and dig deeper into her colorful interpretation into New York City.

The Valued New Yorker

Once upon a time, in a far far land of Manhattan- there lived two guys who happened to meet in a borough called the Bronx. There was a charity function for the neighborhood kids, in which the writer brought gifts for the children of his parent’s neighborhood. His friend, Shane had secretly set him up…

Nostalgic Indecency

The last row in the movies theater, or maybe the bathroom. The coat closet aboard the Bateaux NY, or the back patio of Mario’s Pizzeria on 86th and Madison. Possibly the bookstore on 13th & union square, and if you were risky, the Natural History Museum. If you haven’t noticed, I am naming all the…

All For One Night

I’m starting to believe Carrie Bradshaw was most likely correct in her theory, this land was distinctively different from the one celebrities depicted in movies. New York was the place filled with dreams. Where one could find the love of their life. Chase all of the dreams and become successful on the commons of Wall…

Tres Leches

Sometimes, two can solve a hasty complication, but I hear three’s a crowd.

First New York Love

Having a relationship in New York City can be more than tricky, but what happens when you find out it was a game…?