Rhythms of The Bayou

A Boy I was Before

No more .

Anymore .

I don’t feel it anymore.
The black, I don’t feel it.
It use to be so vibrant.
So poise. So alive.
We were black. Remember?
Arguing about whites,
While disputing over blacks.
We gave life to death,
And color to our black.
Our black turned burgundy.
To match blood.
Not ours, but deep violet amber blood.
Fourteen days til Black roses
Take away the red and there we are… Were?
We were black… If you remember.
From black we saw each other.
From you I seen everything.
Harlem streets grew dark,
Swing sets yelled, we laughed.
Cameras flicked, so did tongues.
In the black of the night.
In black we were.
In black I was with you.
In the black you called me yours.
In the dark I was yours.
In the light we were one.
I thought you were the one.
No more.
No more black.
I don’t even see red.
Do you?
Battered lips and morning breath.
Pipes and cigar wraps,
I taste every bit of me on your lips.
I taste every bit of black on you.
What color are you now?
Not black.
Not without me you’re not.
Or is he giving you me?
Is my black now yours?
Is he yours?
We were black, remember?
The day in December, baby?
I will love you Til the end of time.
It would kill me to see you with someone else.
What kind of funerals will you bring to my roses?
Hopefully they’re black.

A Heart That Wasn’t There

For a second I felt it.
It was crisp.
Gone, but yet still here. In pieces.
But I’m still here.
Still breathing, yet
Im still alive.
From two hearts,
I came back down to one.
There’s been no remorse,
Yet- i felt it crumble,
And it hurt.
I find it funny.
For one who doesn’t care much,
I seem to care oddly enough.
Its fading away, each day.
I have no way to stop it.
And he doesn’t want to stay anyway.
So it dies.
But yet, I don’t.
I breath another day
I feel another second
I cry
I listen
I look
I shout
I cope
I feel.
It’s gone. But I still feel these broken shards of his heart.


The Way The Water Works

This time, I fell deep. 

The abyss entirely deeper than imagined. 

The horizon fell quickly beneath my ears, 

The depth extinguishing all of who I am. 

There was no more sunshine, 

No more Jet skiing on waves. 

But the undertaking the waves delivered. 

In that dark world, 

In the silence of the whoosh. 

I wondered what laid behind the dark. 

Who craved for me, 

Craved for my flesh, 

Yearn for my blood. 

The constant inkling to ask myself-

Who am I? 

Besides a boy falling so deep his friends cannot save- 

Who was I now? 

Now that the violent waters of Miami have shocked life into me. 

Now that I have been baptized by clarity. 

Cleansed to love myself. 

And in that moment, I discovered- 


 But I loved myself. 



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