First New York Love

Having a relationship in New York City can be more than tricky, but what happens when you find out it was a game…?


Rhythms of The Bayou

Just a few poetry entries from my journals. Please, feel free to submit some of your work!

For Starters

It has often baffled me how uncomfortable single society seems to be when conforming to a New Year. Not necessarily the ones that are drinking and partying out with friends in Washington Heights, or even the ones of a farther coast in upper Greenwich Village. Some shape the idea of being close to their loved…

How It All Began

Wasn’t sure how I should begin, then I saw a quote that said ‘Tell me a story that I could take to my grave, one you haven’t told’… This is my story.

Mind, Body, &Soullllllllll! Oh &New York.

Just a few excerpts from my all time favorite poet. Anyone that knows me knows Maya & I go wayyyy back like stocking caps! She was actually the first poet help me like poetry.